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North to Korea

Jade North was granted a release from his contract by the Fury late yesterday, with the club opting not to stand in his way.

Even though North is still signed with Newcastle Jets till June 30th it is believed he has a get-out clause in his Fury’s Contract.

“Jade had a wonderful opportunity to pursue a career internationally, and we did not want to stand in his way,” Matheson said.

“It is perfectly legitimate for players to aspire to have experience overseas to try to further their career, as well as gain some valuable life experience, and Jade is at that point in his life.

“He has a good offer from an overseas club and we’re happy for him to pursue his dream.”

But Matheson told AAP: “The contract wasn’t as reported, what we have done is agreed to let him go, it was a mutual agreement.

“We spoke to him, he said the opportunity was there, we said it would be better that he chased it up and he gave us plenty of time to find another marquee player so we let him go pretty quickly.

“He’s a good mate of mine and it will remain that way, if he comes back he is welcome here any time.”

North’s agent Sam Ayoub that this deal with the Koreans would keep him in Pim Verbeeks plans.

“Jade’s always aspired to play overseas and an opportunity came up through our agents in Asia and we’ve been talking with them for a while and we notified North Queensland a while ago those talks were ongoing,” Ayoub said last night. “Given the opportunity that existed and the arrangement we had with North Queensland, we decided to take up the offer overseas, and Jade’s very much looking forward to it.”

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Published on December 12, 2008

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