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Pim’s Asia Cup quest

Socceroo coach Pim Verbeek plans to convince overseas Socceroos to play in next month’s Asian Cup qualifier against Indonesia.

Verbeek says he would like to use foreign-based players, but his shortlist of local A-league players can do the job if necessary.

“The Asian Cup games will probably be mostly A-League players. World Cup is different but [I'll look] for any possibility to give players a chance to show themselves at international football,” he said. “We always look for that [overseas-based players]. Maybe we can pick up some players who are not in their [club] squads and need some games to play, but it’s not the time yet to decide.

“At the moment, I have 34 players on my list. Again, we still have five weeks to go, so that means I will visit around 15 games with my coaching staff, so if there are one or two players stepping up in the coming week, it will be easy to add them to that list. I think we have enough quality, yes.”

Pim Verbeek’s reasoning behind bringing in untried A-league players is to add depth to the squad.

“I’ve said I want every position tripled. I made a list for myself, and I want to pick the best player for every position and another two for that position.”

“I’ve heard from [assistant coach] Graham Arnold, who has been in Indonesia the last week, that he saw the games where there was 60,000 in the stands and we expect Indonesia to have 90,000 in the stands, so we should not underestimate Indonesia away,” he said. “I’ve never seen worse training fields in my life, that’s even an understatement. We will not train [away from the main stadium] at all over there.

“There’s A-league matches that weekend, so we’ll probably arrive on Monday night or Tuesday morning. We’ll train the day we play in the stadium, which is a great stadium to play football in.”

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Published on December 12, 2008

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  1. clayton on December 19th, 2008 2:08 PM

    hmmmm, there is one thing in this article i am not liking.

    and that is the idea of these games as an opportunity for euro benchwarmers.

    for a couple of reasons –

    1) are euro bench warmers still the best option?

    after seeing d. carney`s last couple of defensive efforts in the green and gold, i wonder if jamieson would really be a worse option. at least the a-leaguers are playing, and you can rely on them to have some match fitness.

    2) the message it sends. the national team shirt should be given on the basis that person X is the best person for the job, not on the basis that person X needs some match fitness and a shop window opportunity. way too many guys are comfortable not getting game time for their clubs – and getting national team spots without playing club football is telling them that everything is ok.

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